Reiki Scotland is a loose association of several practitioners but it is run by me. My name is Roy and I’m a Reiki Level III (Shinpiden). I got my Level I attunement in May 2008 followed by my Level II in April 2009. In December 2009, I was given my Level II certificate. Before receiving that, it was expected that I would carry out a number of case studies, giving a full series of treatments without payment and following up on each of my clients to show that I accepted the duty of care that all Reiki professionals aspire to.

What I didn’t fully uderstand is that Level II also deals with the practitioner. With each successive attunement you become more centred within yourself and able to deal with your past; your mistakes – and heal the damage they may have caused. I did a great deal of growing as a person and as a Reiki practitioner in that time.  As a result, the idea of getting an attunement, being given a certificate and practicing the next day is not something I could be happy with.

I have had my Master attunement and therefore could call myself a Master but I don’t. I’m a practitioner and teacher but hate the way that many people describe themselves as “Masters” and as a result will far more happily use the Japanese term, Shinpiden.